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“Renewable Energy and Electric Resources  for Sustainable Rural Ddevelopment

Professor Valeriy Kharchenko,  Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution  "Federal Scientific Agroengineering  Center VIM, Russian Federation

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Due to  fast  population of the Earth  grows new problems and challenges  are arising. Among above mentioned such problems as providing  population with foodstuff and other vital goods takes place.


The distributed character of economy makes it stabler, more safe, more socially focused. The distributed building and power except clear minimisation of risks of formation and functioning of inhabitancy of the person allow to return today to historically developed methods of building and the organisation inhabited space.In  connection with this  constant involving in economic circulation of new lands and  territories, suitable for the economic activities organisation is required.


 Today there is such situation when in one territories the overpopulation while other territories are empty is observed and are not used for creation of the goods necessary for human life. Such territories are available not only in the countries having the big territories, but also in the countries which had in small territories where along with the overpopulated zones there are deserted, sparsely populated territories.


At the same time last years the ideology of distributed, socially-oriented economy is spreading signifiently. It gives the grounds to assume,  that distributed placing of capacities, habitation, resources (including human) in the nearest future will essentially change our sights and approaches to development of territories, to existing financial, educational, technological and communication systems, their spiritually-moral reference points.


Empty, deserted territories a case do not accustom to the majority because they are removed  from the centralised sources of power supply, and independent power supply is complicated owing to high cost of technologies and the equipment used for these purposes. So, for example, only approximately one third of territory of Russia is provided by the centralised power supply, approximately on one third of territory autonomous  power supply is used, and other part of the country at all has no power supply sources. Similar examples take place and in other countries, such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.


In turn, any economic activity needs to use absolutely new  technologies for    production and processing of agricultural goods. These new technologies beeing supported with aplication new

Computer and information  technologies,  computer science,  Green Computing, Machine Learning, Smart Computing, Predictive Analysis, Mobile Programming,  big  data, and  so on open unlimited opportunities for sustainable rural developments


The  workshop/panel session  at COMPSE2018.unite  young  scholars, scientist, specialists  and post graduate students for discussing new  ideas, new information and perspective technologies in this very interesting and important problems.


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